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Volvo 9900 — Beta V.1.00

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Finally something for you all to try out!

I know that this project most likely has frustrated a lot of people regarding to the very long wait, absence of updates and whatnot. Please keep any moaning to the bare minimum.
Life and work do have priority.

First of all, this is released as an «Beta» simply because it is not finished. There are some bugs and missing features, but it should be good enough for regular use.

Main features of this project:
— 12 speed «i-Shift» gearbox by Krtz07, first of it’s kind!
— Mobitec «matrix» display system by Thiago
. And lots of other features for you to discover
— Works fine on OMSI 1 & 2

Documentation & how-to’s:
Will be available very soon, it will cover following areas;
Brief introduction to all features of the bus.
Mobitec display and .HOF tutorial.
Proper repaint template(s) and explanations.

Known bugs:
— Gearbox can have issues changing gears in very low FPS situations.
— Change (money) is affected by physics, not sure why. No problem if you don’t drive while selling tickets.
— Some functions do not work 100% as intended.
— Some missing door sounds.
— There are a few placeholders sound and texture-wise.
— The path for the passengers isn’t optimal, but working.

Updates and future:
— I will keep on developing this bus until it is worthy to loose the «Beta» badge.
— Trying to screw up my computer less frequently.
— Loads of repaints made by our beta testers will soon be available.

Quick how-to:
— To start the bus you need to pass the alcotest, you will find the unit on the left A-pillar. (If it’s blinking orange, it’s still warming up)
Press the left button and the display lit’s up, press and hold the right button until the beeping stops and a positive message appears.
You can now start the engine! (at the moment only with the «start engine» button on your keyboard/controller)

— Gearchanges, the modeled gear selector is not fully functional yet.
Please use your keyboard/controller until it’s fixed.

R — Reverse
D — Drive
N — Neutral
M — Sequential gearing;
Press 3 to activate the sequential mode, you can now up/down shift with the 1 and 2 key. To return to the automatic mode, press «D».
(Please note: Based on the default keyboard layout)

— Mobitec
A .hof and «rollblind» textures are included for Grundorf for demonstration purposes.
You enter a 4 digit code on the Mobitec unit to make the corresponding rollblind to appear.
It’s pretty easy to create your own HOF’s, creating the textures can be a little more fiddly. Please look at the included textures and the hof, and you’ll most likely understand how it works.
For the included Grundorf HOF there is a couple you can try out;

— Ticketselling
You have 5 tickets to choose from on the ticket printer unit, when you press a ticket it’s name show up on the screen. Press green button to print.
You will find the change inside the compartment where the Mobitec unit resides.

Huge thanks to all beta testers! (you will be properly credited in the documentation)
Extra credit to Krtz07 and Thiago that has put a lot of effort and time into this project, thank you.

OMSI 2 -Volvo 9900

Let´s Play OMSI 2 VOLVO 9900

I am downloading this bus! I just need to route №817 Chistogorsk and searched the bus for this route and nashol))

Hi! Do you know were the clock is on this bus?

passworld of the BUS l!! Winrar

Where can I find this Volvo bus

wenn ja wie kannst du dich umsehen mit deinen kopf wie in echt

it is not turning on

This bus is OVER 9000!

NICE . good job boy . girl

ever since this game came out the first version of omsi is completely forgotten and maybe condemned that explains the broken links

kenn you speak Germany ?

Download links in the video description!

Cordless keyboards I have to get away with my SIEL breathalyser

How do u start it up

how do you start the engine of this bus. I’ve looked at many videos but i simply cant start the engine can you help me??

pena que não tem para Android

how do you get passengers on board? Can’t seem to work for me as there are no displays

Hey Bro! Great YT Clips. By Any chance bro. Would You be able to upload the Link to the map You were Using (Stadtgrenze-Freudstr.) ? Thanks ^_^

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