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Ford Falcon All Years and Modifications

Ford Falcon was presented as a model on the platform of family cars in 1959 and the production at the Ford factories went on till the 1980s. During these time, Ford Falcon was a leader among compact cars at the American market.

The task of director of Ford engineers — Robert Strange McNamara was to make a compact and affordable vehicle as soon as possible. An engineer Harley Copp proposed the idea of using the existing chassis to reduce the cost which would provide comfort and convenience for six passengers. Because sometimes creating a new model from 0 could be complicated.

In 1961, Ford Falcon was completed with new six-cylinder 101 HP engine volume of 2.8 liters which was superior in terms of efficiency. The new modification was built on sedan bodywork under the name of Ford Falcon Futura, which was differentiated with bucket seats and new interior trim. The first sporty version of the model — Ford Falcon Sprint with V-shaped 8-cylinder was introduced. Later in 1961, a van version became available with a simular price like other Ford Falcon modifications.

The new Ford Falcon was a great automobile for small businesses and other commercial organizations. The body volume was 5.77 m3, doors on the side and rear did the procedure of loading and unloading very convenient. Standard equipment set of vans was equipped with several necessary elements including gray vinyl upholstery, 2-speed wipers, and sliding vents. There were available cargo and passenger versions such as Ford Econoline. Five-door Ford Falcon Squire wagon with exterior wood trim appeared in 1962.

Technological innovation — four-speed transmission was premiered during the year. In this year, Ford Motor Company designed new eight-passenger vans, specifically Ford Falcon Club Wagon as well as Ford Falcon Deluxe Club Wagon. Trying to conquer in Europe, North American company begins to develop a powerful advertising campaign under the motto «Quality. Speed. Reliability», and sends multiple specially-trained Ford Falcon cars for the races in order to show the stunning results. The engines for the competition were 4.7 liters capacity of 271 HP; through the work of two quads Holley carburetors as well as modified camshaft timing and was a bit more productive than their standard fellows.

Not mentioning the outstanding merits of 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint on Trans-Am races is not possible where the driver James Taylor under the number «71» piloted his own Falcon in 12-hour exhausting race against well-prepared rivals. James drove all the way on Ford Falcon across half country from Oklahoma city to Maryland (stadium Marlboro Speedway), where the tournament was held. This historic event occurred on 14th August 1966.

The second 6-hour race took place on 10th September 1966 at the stadium Green Valley TX. The driver in both races was James Taylor with co-driver John Walker. They got the 15th place out of 36 in the overall standings, but the car never has failed and was always ready for the next competition and the way home.

Technical characteristics of the car James Taylor was as follows. The engine was 4.7 liters power of 485 HP (357 kW) at 7600 rpm, a torque of 532 Nm. The transmission was 4-speed Falcon Sprint Toploader. 11.5 inch Falcon Homologated front disc and 11 inch rear drums were included for the brakes.

In 1965, the changes became only the radiator grille with central divider. A year later, for high-performance Ford Falcon Sprint as well as vehicles with an open top were the last days. Finally, auto manufacturer Ford totally discontinued the production of Ford Falcon in 1970, because of the decline in sales which could not meet the new safety standards without money, which the company did not want to invest.

Below the list of all 93 modifications of Ford Falcon and production years from 1970 to 2018. Discover and enjoy Ford Falcon image collections, news, wallpapers, MSRP, ratings on this huge database of cars and bikes — Masbukti. Average rating of all available versions of Ford Falcon is 4.1 out of 5.0.


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